Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992) Review

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992) Review

Director: Morten Lindberg
Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy, Exploitation

This is a film that, if you couldn’t tell from the title, isn’t exactly meant to be taken seriously. A homosexual black man from another planet also happens to be the main character.

These homosexual black men (or gay niggers if you prefer) are from the planet Anus. In their tin-foil spaceship, they search for planets with females. Then they go down to said planet, in this case Earth, and exterminate all the women.

Gayniggers are welcomed by Earth’s men, who hugs them when they kill their wives (perhaps because they are liberated from heterosexual oppression, or maybe they just hated them). Gayniggers leave behind a Gay Ambassador to watch over the planet once the planet is completely free of females, and they continue into space, searching for the next planet they can save.

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992) Review

It is Captain B. Dick, Sergeant Shaved Balls, D. Ildo, and ArmInAss who make up the Gayniggers.

It’s only 25 minutes long, but for what it is, it’s enjoyable. I suppose I’m satirizing blaxploitation, science fiction, and even racism and homosexuality. There’s also a lot of racism in this short film. They stereotype Asians, Germans, and pretty much any other race they encounter.

There’s an obvious amateurishness, an obvious lack of seriousness, and an obvious limited appeal to cult audiences. It’s pretty funny, though. The tin-foil spaceship looks like something out of an Ed Wood movie, and the dubbing is (probably intentionally) terrible. It would probably get boring and annoying if it lasted longer than 25 minutes, but it’s not bad as it is.

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992) info

DirectorMorten Lindberg
WritersPer Kristensen, Morten Lindberg
StarsCoco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon, Gbatokai Dakinah
GenresShort Comedy, Sci-Fi


  • Coco C.P. (Dalbert ArmInAss)
  • Sammy Salomon (Capt. B. Dick)
  • Gbatokai Dakinah (Sgt. Shaved Balls(as Gbartokai Dakinah)
  • Konrad Fields (Mr. Schwul)
  • Anne Busacker (Ukrainian)
  • Verner Mollerup Christensen (Ukrainian(as Verner Christensen)
  • Torben Zenth (Ukrainian)
  • Tove Kristensen (Ukrainian)
  • Heidrun von Wildenraut (German)
  • Heintz Heinrick von Grundstead (German(as Heinz Heindrick von Grundsted)
  • Maiksen Thorsson (Hooker(as Maiken Thorsson)
  • Nina N. Rosenmeier (Hooker(as Nina Rosenmeier)
  • Yon Hee Kim (Asian)
  • Ehi Yeon Kim (Asian)
  • Chapper (Asian(as Chang Il Kim ‘Chapper’)
  • Dorte Høeg Brask
  • Jens Rungo
  • Tone Nielsen

User Review

cheap but awesome
Even though this movie is only about 23 minutes long, it was great. 5 “gayniggers” who come from the planet Anus come to earth to eliminate the women population and create an all male, gay society. With names like D. Ildo and Sargeant Shaven Balls and classic stereotypes, this hard to find sci fi spoof is worth the time to watch even though it is near impossible to find. Good luck!