The First Orrery Playtest is Live!


By RJ on January 20, 2023.

It’s here: the first public playtest of my upcoming tabletop roleplaying game, Planetariumlive.

In the first playtest document, the following game concepts linger:

  • Core game mechanics and ideas (action points, escalation die, no skills/classes, etc.).
  • Creation of characters.
  • Five, fully fleshed out ancestors.
  • Four running backgrounds.
  • A deep dive into the Orrery itself.
  • Dozens of Orrery keystones.
  • The item system.
  • Three powerful artifacts.
  • Three spell lists (Arcane, Divine, Primal).
  • The swing of combat and action/action points.
  • Various disorders and conditions.
  • The rules about death.

There are 23 pages in all, not including the extra Prime Orrery sheet.

I’m looking for any feedback.

If you want to test the system, get a feel for the style, and provide feedback, check out the RJD20 Patreon. For $1 a month you get full access to everything Planetarium playtest materials: the core book, the prime orrery and the Orrery bestiary.

This Friday I will be releasing the first full Monster Pack: goblins. In Planetarium, many monsters have been split into packs, allowing a variety of enemies to face off against the characters. For example, in the goblin pack there are grunts, bruisers, commandos, swashbucklers, gorgers and more! The last Orrery bestiary will contain dozens of packs in addition to solo monsters such as the basilisk, dragons and the phoenix.

The next version of Planetarium will probably fall in a month, around February 20. In addition to cleaning up the current rules, it introduces two new ancestors, full-fledged backgrounds, preview Planetarium adventure and a few other secrets.

If you want to know more about Planetarium before endorsing it on Patreon, check out this page about the game or this article announcing its creation. Basically, it’s a mix of Dungeons and Dragons, Path of Exile, and a few other tabletop role-playing games that I think have compelling mechanics. They are all mixed with one of my home made settings, Golgifell!

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