Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF free Download

Book Name:Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Authors:Wizards RPG Team
Publication Date:November 15, 2017
Total Pages:192
Download Link:Available ✅

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF which is the official Sourcebook for the 5th edition of Dungeon & Dragons available to download here.

Inside Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

This guide acts as an addition to the latest edition of the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Player’s Handbook.

This guide is also the expansion in the D&D that is providing the new rules and story options.

In this guide, you will find a variety of options for both the players and Dungeon Masters same as there are in the Player’s Handbook, and also with that it also offers the marginalia by the Xanathar of Waterdeep.

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