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Uncaged: Goddesses PDF: Welcome to Uncaged: Goddesses, an epic collection of Tier 4 adventures spanning the multiverse.

Each adventure centers around an evil- or neutral-aligned goddess from the various pantheons in Dungeons & Dragons.

Many of these goddesses have been featured in past D&D publications, but rarely do these stories opt to explore the goddesses’ own histories, conflicts, and goals.

As with the first four volumes of the Uncaged Anthology, we invite you to explore some of what makes these often ignored, flattened, or maligned beings tick. After all, every villain has her reasons.

Using this Book

Dungeon Masters will need access to information
from the following books, which contain monsters, items, or specific rules referenced in the adventures in this book.

Creatures and monsters whose names are bolded
can be found in the Monster Manual unless otherwise annotated.

Item names are italicized and can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, unless otherwise annotated.

New monster stat blocks, stat blocks for monsters appearing in books other than those listed, and new item descriptions all appear at the end of their corresponding adventure.

Book Details

Uncaged Goddesses PDF
Book Name:Eyes of the Lich Queen PDF
Authors:Wizards of the Coast
Release Date:N/A
Total Pages:127

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