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Tome of beasts is a very fantastic game, their role characters, and magical weapons are outstanding. So let’s start the post.

Tome of beasts

A Horde of new 5th edition monsters! Whether you need dungeon vermin or a world-shaking personification of evil, the Tome of Beasts has it.

Here are more than 400 new foes for your 5th Edition game-everything from tiny Drake’s and peculiar spiders, to demon lords and ancient dragons.

Tome of Beats includes monsters from the entire history of Kobold Press, with longtime favorites such as clockwork creatures, drakes and dragons, devils and arch-devils dangerous flavors of the fey, undead, and much more!

Compatible with the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game! Use them in your favorite published setting, or populate the dungeon in a world of your own creation. Pick up Tome of Beasts and give your players an encounter they won’t soon forget.


This book is huge. The description of the number of monsters for your players simply doesn’t prepare you for quite how many options you get within this literal Tome.

Not only that, but the monsters are interesting. Each has an interesting and evocative description along with some combat-based abilities that stop every encounter feeling like “I roll to attack my players, I hit, they take damage.”

Instead, you will find creatures with spells that they can cast a certain number of times per day (easier than keeping track of spell slots), defensive abilities, and other unusual capabilities that will make every encounter feel fresh for your players.

Book Info

Book Name:Tome of Beasts PDF
Authors:Kobold Press
Release Date:29 May 2018
Total Pages:420 Pages
Size:77 MB


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