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The Deck of Many Things is a set of two books and a pack of cards for Dungeons & Dragons that will be about the all-powerful object that has been in many D&D books and computer games in the past. So far, this is what we know:

The Deck of Many Things Overview

Release Date: November 14, 2023

Price: $59.95 (estimated)

Length: 272 pages, between two books & a 66-card deck

The Deck of Many Things is a set of two books and a deck of cards expanding upon the magical artifact seen elsewhere in D&D. The card deck itself contains 66 cards, 22 of which were found in the original version plus 44 new ones.

The Book of Many Things, a sourcebook that offers options for incorporating the deck into your campaigns, and The Card Reference Guide which teaches how to use the cards.

The Deck of Many Things

The deck is made up of fully illustrated cards that don’t have any text on them. They’re just meant to look like the cards might show in the world of D&D. The 22 cards from the first deck are back, along with 44 new ones.

The Book of Many Things

This 192-page book goes with the deck and “illustrates the deck’s mysteries and gives players and Dungeon Masters everything they need to use it in-game.

” This includes tips on how to use the deck, new monsters, adventure spots, character choices, magic items, and groups that were all inspired by the famous deck.

The Card Reference Guide

This 80-page guidebook shows how to use the cards either as a traditional oracle deck or to create D&D adventures inspired by the cards. In one such mode the deck can be used to generate adventures randomly by laying out the cards and “reading” them in the same style as a fortune telling.


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