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Out Of The Abyss PDF includes random encounters, travel times, and madness. Madness may be gained by observing or interacting with the demonic forces at work in the Underdark.

Out of the Abyss Description:

Out of the Abyss is a campaign that takes characters on a dangerous journey from level one to fifteen or beyond.

Initially, the PCs are captured in the Underdark with no equipment, and the first chapter is devoted to their escape.

Prisoners have several interesting NPCs who can potentially help (and escape with).
It is a PC. Each NPC is detailed and has unique motives and ambitions.

The first part of the book deals with the PC’s enslavement and escape from a drow outpost. There is also a chapter that lays out guidelines for traveling in the Underdark.

This includes random encounters, travel times, and madness. Madness may be gained by observing or interacting with the demonic forces at work in the Underdark.

The following four chapters detail the main four locations PCs can travel to after escaping. Each location is unique and might be of interest to an NPC escaping.

There is no set order in which to visit these locations, and the group may not even need to visit them all. Each location is its own mini-campaign.

Whenever the PCs are ready to emerge from the Underdark, they use Chapter 7.

The event is condition-based and the PCs must accomplish certain things as determined by the DM.

However, the adventure does not end there. Upon their return, the PCs are summoned to the Underdark to gather more information.

As in Princes of the Apocalypse, various factions are involved. Representatives are present and may even be persuaded to assist the PCs.

In Chapter 9, Mantel-Derith is described as a diverse outpost.

In Chapter 11, you learn more about Gravenhollow, a stone giant library.

In this chapter, the characters meet the archmage Veteran, a powerful ally of the drow.

Chapter 10 is similar to chapter 2. As well as guidelines for traveling even further into the Underdark, it describes what challenges the PCs will face on their way.

Chapters 12 through 14 are devoted to the veteran’s plan and the character’s role in it. The adventurers travel to the drow city of Menzoberranzan in chapter 15.

There is a lot of detail about the city and its features. They also learn Vizeran’s true motives and plans. Whatever they decide to do, they can do it.

Chapter 16 shows the PCs caught up in a battle between two demon lords and can help finish off the winner.

The same thing happens in the last chapter, as the PCs must wait out the victor of the demon clash and eliminate the battered survivors.

As part of Appendix A, you can find alternate features and background information for the PCs relating to the Underdark. You can also find unusual magic items in Appendix B.

In Appendix C, you will find stat blocks for the creatures featured in Out of the Abyss that are not in the Monster Manual.

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