The Heist Handbook: A Companion to Keys from the Golden Vault PDF

Keys from the Golden Vault presents thirteen Dungeons & Dragons adventures that feature heists.

In each adventure, the characters receive a
mission, plan the job, execute their plan, and try to escape the scene.

You can run each heist as a standalone adventure or as part of a larger campaign (see “A Campaign of Heists” later in this introduction). Each adventure can be adapted to take place in any campaign setting you wish.

Using the Adventures

The Heist Adventures table summarizes the adventures in this anthology. Each adventure is designed for four to six characters of a particular level and adheres to the following narrative structure:

Mission Briefing: The characters are recruited to undertake a specific job. In most cases, this involves procuring an object.

Plan the Heist: The characters investigate the heist location, learn about the obstacles they need to overcome, and strategize about completing the job.

Each adventure includes a way for the characters to create or obtain a map of the target location.

Execute the Heist: The characters enact their plans. Unforeseen complications often arise during this stage.
Conclude the Heist.

The characters’ success determines their reward and how the story might progress beyond the main adventure.

These short adventures work best with players who enjoy the heist genre. In addition to thrills, drama, strategizing, and twists, each adventure includes opportunities for exploration, roleplaying, and combat.

How to Download PDF

The Heist Handbook: A Companion to Keys from the Golden Vault PDF is now available to download here, Book is now launched,

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Running the Adventures

To run these adventures, you need the fifth edition core rulebooks (Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual).

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