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Each chapter in this book presents information in a logically sequential fashion. Many chapters build on the information presented in the preceding chapters.

One should therefore be able to proceed from beginning to end without constantly referring to the glossary or index.

However, the reader who is using the text as a reference – perhaps scanning one of the later chapters – may find that terms are being encountered that have been defined in an earlier chapter.

In this case, the extensive glossary at the back of the book should prove useful.

The index may provide aid as well, since some subjects are described, in varying levels of complexity, in more than one place in the book.

For example, call buying is discussed initially in Chapter 3; and mathematical applications, as they apply to all purchases, are described in Chapter 28. The latter chapters address more complex topics than the early chapters.

The standardization of option terms and the formation of a liquid secondary market created new investment vehicles that, adapted properly, can enhance almost every investment philosophy, from the conservative to the speculative.

This book is about those options strategies -which ones work in which situations and why they work.

Some of these strategies are traditionally considered to be complex, but with the proper knowledge of their underlying principles, most investors can understand them.

While this book contains all the basic definitions concerning options, little time or space is spent on the most elementary definitions.

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