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Eyes of the Lich Queen PDF is designed for a party of four characters who begin the adventure at 5th level.

They should gain suffi cient experience during the course of the adventure to reach 9th level before the fi nal battle. To download the PDF Scroll Down.

Adventure Outline

The adventure takes place in four primary parts. Two sections focus on dungeon adventures, each detailing a location the characters must explore.

Those two dungeons serve to bookend a series of event-based encounters. The final section blends the two adventure styles as the PCs advance toward a climactic confrontation with the lich queen’s draconic servant and the power of the Dragon’s Eye.


A Dungeon Master needs the Player’s Handbook (PH), Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG), Monster Manual (MM), and EBERRON
Campaign Setting (ECS) to run this adventure.

Players only the Player’s Handbook, though players and DMs would also benefit from having Player’s Guide to Eberron.

Several of the creatures in this adventure appear in other sources, such as Monster Manual III and Monster Manual IV, but each is fully described in the statistics block for the associated encounter.

Book Info

Eyes of lich queen pdf
Book Name:Eyes of the Lich Queen PDF
Authors:Wizards of the Coast
Release Date:N/A
Total Pages:127

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