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Why Dragon Of Icespire Peak is important?

This book is written for the dungeon master. It contains a complete DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure, as well as descriptions for every creature that appears in the adventure. It also teaches you how to run a D&D game.

The other book that accompanies this one (called “the rulebook”) contains the information the players need to create and advance their characters (the adventurers and heroes of the story), as well as the rules you need to adjudicate situations that arise during the adventure.


A D&D adventure is a collection of locations, quests, and challenges that inspires you to tell a story.

The outcome of that story is determined by the actions and decisions of the adventurers and, of course, the luck of the dice.

You can run Dragon of Icespire Peak for as few as one player or as many as five players. Each player starts with a 1st- level chacharacter.


dragon of icespire peak pdf
Book Name:Dragon Of Icespire Peak PDF
Authors:Wizards of the Coast
Release Date:2019
Total Pages:84

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